Maria Noskova

23 November – 21 December 2010
Russian State Tax Academy

I really wanted to land an internship at Art. Lebedev Studio. It seemed like a wonderful place filled with interesting and positive people who have a great attitude to life and themselves. Everyone wants to truly love what they do and it is hard to love monotonous and tedious work, so I was trying to find something outside the scope of regular office routine. What I loved about the studio’s internship description was that it promised a range of different tasks that would provide insight to different aspects of the studio’s business (which is really important to a person without any experience).

I landed the internship on the second try, right when I almost gave up (as is usually the case). The first thing that stroke me about the studio was its unusual interior (large room, closed drapes). However, you quickly get used to it and start to feel really comfortable (no surprise that some people hardly ever leave the studio). The work itself was, alas, not so diverse as I had hoped, but still really interesting and involving a lot of communication. I learned a lot during the internship, and now it will really be easier for me to work with people and I would certainly feel more confident in some areas of work (which I encountered during the internship).

I am really happy that I got to know the studio from the inside and met a lot of interesting people.

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