Martin Zampach

29 August – 30 November 2007
University of Tomas Bata

At first I would like to thank you to Art. Lebedev Studio to give me opportunity to come here for an internship. As I know is not that easy since they receiving portfolios every day so they have a lot of applications.

I was pretty sure before I’ve came here that it will be 100% worth fully spended time. I like travel and I’m always curious about to get know different places and different cultures. And Moscow was one of mine “must to visit” place. I know studio at least 4 years from internet. And I was always checking their site from time to time for new designs. I was more interested in works of studio in product and industrial design which are really great, outstanding and always with sense of humor. Others works of studio are in areas of graphic design, web design, typography, interface engineering etc. which are great as well.

As I said: that it will be 100% worth fully spended time to come. That came truth and what more’ I would say it was 150% worth fully spended time. I have learned really a lot even it was just short term internship (2 months). My sketches are improved presentation skills a bit better (I need to improve it more), knowledge in manufacturing methods are bigger than ever before. Also some more practice with Alias studio tools and Rhino and I liked to build loads of mock-ups as it is really good way to rest from computer and it is important part of design process. Sometime you have to build a lot of them on the way to final product and many designers and especially design students forgoing that.

About department of product design which everyone here calls “prom design” is a team of approx. 12 people + interns from 1 up to 3. Team consists concept designers, industrial designers, A-Class modelers, engineers, molding engineer, electronic engineer, managers and department supervisor. BTW studio has over 180 members.

As a intern you have the same conditions as everyone here so you feel yourself to be part of the team. And you are, you are working on real projects and tasks through all stages of design development. English level of members is not every time perfect but good enough to consulate and explain project. As for me I could even understand sometime to Russian language when they spoke in between each other. Just because I’m from Czech Republic and language is from the same group. So now I know some Russian words as well and sometime using them also for fun.

As about Moscow — have to say great city (but just too big and hectic for me), you can find here a lot of nice places to chill and play, especially in summer around the Moscow river. Also a lot of nice clubs bars and restaurants. Downtown of Moscow is great, a lot of nice streets, squares, parks etc. Awesome architecture but sometime really huge and unnecessarily megalomanian. Places out of the downtown are not so great I mean this block of flats from communistic era which are all around the eastern Europe. But we, from our part of Europe are used to for that.:-)

Thanks again to Art. Lebedev Studio for this opportunity to gain more experience for my future career not just in the field of design.

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