Michele Daneluzzo

11 October 2013 – 11 March 2014
University of Applied Arts Vienna

What to say, if I try to remember the moment in which I’ve received the e-mail of my acceptation for an internship in ALS, I recall “just” a feeling of excitement was all over myself and the fact that I didn’t want to build up any kind of expectation or hope, mainly because I didn’t want to spoil anything before it could happen. Well, after the first step in the studio I felt like a kid which had his unconscious dream realized. From the architectural, physical look of the studio to the organization behind it the first comment was: UHAO.. THIS IS AMAZING. ALS is a reality which seems much like a School of all the arts of design, from product to graphic and web design, the precious part of it is that all those fields are under the same roof, giving you the possibility to face yourself and interact with other perspectives all the time.

Making an internship here gave me the possibility to investigate on this part of the world and its culture as well as in myself, I had the opportunity to LEARN from sensible persons (design speaking). While still sitting here, I must say that I feel the honor of being together with great people with a strong personality from where comes strong knowledge.. motivational and inspiring people spread all around the studio. Anyway not everybody feel much confidence to speak English so freely, but anyway there are the exceptions, and it is easy to create exceptions as well.

Talking about the work experience itself, the variety of projects that they are involved in is really wide, and interns are included in every aspect of the design process. Internal and client projects are both giving you the chance to express yourself through a problematic or a task and to learn or develop new skills, then if something is not looking right or in the other hand is looking great, you will know it... they tell straight their opinion through daily reviews or talks on the progresses, in both scenarios critics and comments comes with wise arguments which you are always free and pushed to argue back..

One of the most beautiful thing is that Art directors, as Timur and Tema, are taking care of you to learn as much as you can through the time you spend in the studio. If I feel now like a more polished designer, or better say human being, is thanks to them as well.

About Moscow...the city is just great, but as Italian I’ll give you just one advice.. AVOID WINTER. HA HA, just joking, actually was not so bad, I had the great experience of feeling ice developing on my mustache and that was my first time in life. Anyway cold or not, the city is surely intriguing, I was personally fascinated by the thousand faces each corner of the city could display. I’m not just talking about an architectural point of view, but of the entire set up of people, urban environment, stuff around.. it is a conglomerate of many different feelings all living together in a strange balance, as it is in the studio more or less. Everything depicts an entity which is much more real than reality itself, a true biomech organism which must being seen.

Grazie ALS..

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