Mylène Richer

8 April – 24 October 2015
Institut Supérieur de Design of Valenciennes

The studio gave me a unique chance to work inside a rational and productive system, but without an obligatory pattern. I was able to focus on achieving results making my own personal decisions. The studio is a priceless opportunity to begin thinking out of the box, and that’s the exact way of self-development.

Creating something new is always a challenge and one can only complete it being a part of a perfect team led by a strong and competent leader. Tema is someone to thank for half a year of filtering and improving what I’ve been producing. Nastya Prischepa is the manager to be praised for making me feel good in the production process. Timur is an art director to be acknowledged for project opportunities. My team, the industrial design department, is a community of creative people, friends supporting and teaching each other.

The best 6 month which have given me a chance to complete myself as a design student and a professional.

Thank you.

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