Natalya Grigoryeva

6 October – 8 November 2010
Moscow State University of International Relations

I have a whole lot of memories, all entirely positive. But somehow I managed to come up with only two small paragraphs. Apparently I’m no good as a writer.

I can’t imagine that anyone would have bad memories after interning or working at Art. Lebedev Studio. The studio is like one big family—a place you are happy to come to and where you want to work. Exciting things happen here all the time, brilliant ideas are born, and you are surrounded by amazing people who are passionate about the things they create and projects they work on. The more you soak in the atmosphere, the more you realize that you are comfortable here and feel at home.

My time here passed quickly, and I’m a little bit sorry that I didn’t have a chance to try my hand in all departments. But I’m really happy that my dream came true. I have long been admiring the studio’s work and approach to company management. And finally I got a chance to experience it from the inside and watch the work of professionals who love and appreciate what they do. It was super cool and unforgettable!

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