Natalia Terentieva

14 June – 14 July 2016
Moscow City Teacher Training University

During the internship I learned what I can do and what I should improve. I understood what it means to be a manager at Art. Lebedev Studio and whether it suits me. Unexpectedly, I found myself surrounded by similar-minded people. In such an atmosphere the very notion of «work» acquires a certain positive meaning, while the internship itself just flies by. It even makes me sad; how about we make it a month longer? :)

On a separate note, I totally admire the studio’s internal database. It’s easier to use than the Hong Kong metro (which I like very much!). You just start using it and it sucks you in.

Definitely, you should give the internship a try. It is entirely possible that at the end you wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

PS. The studio gives you a blank check, but it needs results. How to achieve them is totally up to you. If you end up spending all your time at work, literally living at the studio and yet achieving no results, you would probably do better somewhere else.

Special thanks to Larisa. Sometimes I think she knows literally everything! :)

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