Nina Wolf

4 May – 14 July 2010
University of Applied Sciences, Coburg

It was so very inspiring to work on awesome projects in the way I wanted to!

I enjoyed that I had time to think deeply about concepts, products, shapes... to let all ideas come from my heart and to work the way I like! “Homework” is an evil word but those missions finally opened my eyes for all the interesting little details to explore. The result is up to you, it can be a product, a graphic, a claim, a whatever, no bullshit.

No idea should go missing, so it is collected and shared: In two and a half month I fell in love with the binary Brain. - Everybody should have one.

Thanks to everyone who made my stay so very enjoyable! Art. Lebedev Studio is unique and so are the people. I had a great time in the Product Design Department! Thanks Timur for joking and smiling and everything! Special thanks to Tema, who impressed me and encouraged me. I now love my job even more!

A few words more for:

Moscow! an ambivalent city; at the same time megalomaniac and full of love for every detail, authentic and artificial, extroverted and shy, heroic and homeless. It is so strange and so interesting and suddenly you are addicted.

That is what happened to me.

I was quite nervous when I got there. And /badly full of hearts/ when I left it.

I liked it! Apply! Au revoir!

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