Olesya Shevchenko

20 February – 23 April 2012
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (BA Product Design)

A long time ago my friend told me about Art. Lebedev Studio. After looking at studio website I thought it would be cool to work there. Later I found myself thinking of moving to Russia. I had never lived there before and it seemed to be an intriguing experience to explore Moscow.

Now, after two months of internship I can tell that both of my expectations were right. Working in the studio provided me with very useful and positive experience and Moscow became a place that I don’t want to leave.

Each morning I would wake up with a smile thinking of work. Staying at the studio until late was pleasant and even working on weekends was now desirable. There is very interesting atmosphere in the studio: people are very friendly and projects come in great variety.

I’ve learned a lot during these two months. I guess, I would learn even more, if instead of keeping silent I would ask more questions and show more initiative. However, it was my first internship and state of being lost was partly understandable.

Now, when I am about to go, I have much more confidence and understanding of how things work there in general. You should see abilities of some guys here, it’s very impressive and I wish one day I will reach their level!

I would like to thank entire studio and Tema {Lebedev} for giving me this opportunity. The experience I got here is unique and I advise everyone to seek it! Special thank you to Timur for all his storytelling, advice, and jokes. And thank you to industrial design team for their friendliness, help, and great attitude!

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