Olga Frolova

6 July – 26 August 2015
British Higher School of Art and Design

I have completely changed my line of work and started to do what I always wanted. Where the university gave me a lifeless scaffolding, the studio poured into me like a river, giving the opportunity to work on exciting and real projects. This river brought me a new job attitude, fresh ideas on a good team atmosphere and the understanding that there are no impossible tasks. All in all, it was VERY interesting.

It’s a unique opportunity to work among young and cool professionals and discover something new every day. For me, these 45 days were both difficult and relaxing. This is really a place you want to come back to, and each morning while turning on my computer I would catch myself smiling. The studio means opportunities, in the purest sense.

I thank all the people I have worked with, first of all for being such amazing pros who are always ready to help, and secondly, for being calm and relaxed in every situation.

I tried to embrace as much experience and emotions from this brief period as I possibly could. For me the internship at the studio became a step forward.

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