Pauline Jouitteau

2 November 2016 – 30 January 2017
L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique

First, this place is awesome: there is a car in the middle and relics of the past everywhere, as well as huge stairs that make you feel like in a labyrinth, and an amazing cafeteria where you can find some little croissants and nice coffee/cacao from our Wonderwoman Yulia.

Second, the team is a nice combination of Timur Bourbaev, art director and fount of knowledge, Nastya & Pasha, friendly support managers, and the team of designers.

For me, it was the first experience in a company and a real discovery of how a design studio works. I learned about team management and tools that help, clients and traps to avoid, and I developed my design culture.

I advise the next intern to come for more than 3 months because projects need time, and come in summer—it will be easier if you are a foreigner without any kind of snow in your city.

I had a good time, thanks Art Lebedev Studio.

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