Stepan Pyanyh

18 June – 24 July 2013
British Higher School of Art and Design

Thе internship I had at Art Lebedev’s studio was quite a brief and at the same time extremely consistent experience. It was the first time I found myself in a real professional environment being a part of the advanced product design team. It is really something no school can provide.

Working in the studio is challenging. It requires a lot of enthusiasm and devotion. Luckily, your interest in the work is constantly reinforced by your teammates as they bring playfulness and joy into the design process and make it a lot more fun.

In spite the cheerful atmosphere people take design here really seriously. It is important to have understanding of every action you take and to be able to be able to explain it to others. This shouldn’t however prevent you from bringing up some brave proposals. If you happen to have an idea of any sort — fell free to suggest it to the studio.You would be surprised to know how many interesting ideas are born and discussed in the studio daily.

To sum up. The studio is always open for you to learn modern product design methodologies. It is all up to you to harvest and process that information. And even if this will not be enough, you can always expect other people to suggest you some places, books and other resources to explore.

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