Sushi Chao

3 November 2010 – 25 January 2011
Royal College of Art

If you have read all reports written by interns, I believe that you probably have patience and already imagining everything about the Art. Lebedev Studio. I would not say that you have (luck) to come here, but definitely do, if YOU would like to:
1. experience how a well-organized design studio works.
2. have a very good opportunity to develop ideas for the real world and do designs for real people.
3. know how the studio produces high quality design.
4. understand how to create a good working atmosphere.
5. work from around midday to night.
6. drink several cups of free tea and cheap but great coffee.
7. check out the different style lavatories and award plaques hanging near it.
8. feel the kindness beyond the language barrier.
9. find a way to go in the chaos (design) world.

I would not use crazy to describe how they deal with design, but professional, hard-working. I think, if one sees good results outcoming from the studio, it's based not solely on good quality of the design, but also the quality of the project (customer). The environment is great and you can really enjoy and concentrate on design. No bullshit!


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