Tatiana Shcherbakova

20 September – 19 December 2011
British Higher School of Art and Design


Since I went to school in Moscow, I heard about Art. Lebedev Studio and even toured it once. Though the most important section—the industrial design department—was not available for visitors to keep the projects in progress from being revealed prematurely. That only made me more excited when after the graduation show at our college I saw my name among others invited for internship in the studio. At the end of September, the sacred orange curtains have finally lifted for me. I’ve got a nice working space with two desks (it used to be Timur’s work area.)

The atmosphere in the studio is very pleasant to the extent of feeling like being at home curled up with a cup of tea and a cozy throw, listening to your favorite tunes, and working. Yes, it’s actually called working—is it a dream come true or what?

The people here are very welcoming and helpful, even when you meet them for the first time.

During my internship I’ve drank more tea than ever before, as it is free, delicious, and pairs wonderfully with all the sweets provided in the industrial design department.

There are always some presentations by interesting and accomplished people going on in the studio.

I had a chance to take part in a number of projects during my three-month internship. It’s such a joy to work on something to be actually produced!

My term roughly coincided with Anna’s from Germany and Benoit’s. It was an amazing experience of some international networking and collaboration on the same projects! The language issue which I always had before has gone completely.

I want to thank the whole industrial design team and the studio staff in general. But my special thanks go to Timur for his inspiringly positive attitude and an infinite supply of M&Ms :-) He was also the one to share his knowledge on design and life in general.

So, the time has flown by too fast, it’s hard to believe I’ve spent three months here. It’s sad to say goodbye to such a fine group of people. I hope to return one day. Bye-bye! :-)

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