Tobias Hauff

16 April – 6 July 2012
Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Industrial Design

Presently, the studio is located in the very centre of Moscow with its busy streets and lots of people walking around all the time. I used to get out of the metro and walk across the Red Square—every day.

Coming back to the studio’s fifth floor after this stroll was like diving into a different world. Tema—that’s how people call Artemy Lebedev—created a very well-structured anthill: it’s an autarkic place which reinvents itself every day.

There are different departments and everything is connected by the cafe with fresh good food every day. It is really easy to socialize with other people of the studio there! Yes, I tried to learn Russian in advance, but I guess I failed in doing so. After arrival in Moscow I realized I could not speak or understand the language good enough to get along—so I used Russian, English, and German words and hands and feet—which also worked fine. Many people you meet speak English including all the people you work with. But I really should have spent more time talking with Lelic and the other guys of the studio. Sketching and using your hands is what you should do while working on the huge variety of different projects here. The designers here have an amazing skills and they are open to share their experience with you.

Timur is the leading art director and he is doing a great job. He often cheers up the mood by making jokes or shares what he found in his endless researches. And he always tries to show you a way out if you are stuck in a project.

No matter whether you are an intern or one of the designers in the studio you are doing the same job—working on different projects for clients and for the studio.

During my time here there were 2 interns and we were working on a new kind of outdoor cigarette recepticle for the famous Tverskaja Street (Pepelkus). Tema—the big boss himself—came every day to see our progress and told us to really think of what is necessary and what is not. I learned a lot. But not only about the essence of things but also about the importance of effective working. You should always be prepared here—it could be anytime that Tema jumps into the room and wants to see your progress. He is a really straightforward person, so you have to treat him with respect. For me, his spirit and clear vision was very inspiring—and you can be very proud if you have the chance to be here.

So don’t waste your time and do work hard—Art. Lebedev Studio and the big beautiful Russian capital is worth it!

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