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Problem: Show how things stood without iPod and how they stand now it’s there.

The website features the description of all iPod models and their technical specs. For the current product line— shuffle, nano and iPod—there’s a complete range of accessories.

Main page

Beginners who are spooked by the term MP3 player will learn how easy it is to start listening to music and podcasts, view photos and watch videos, and read books.

All how-tos bog down to three simple steps

Those who are thinking about purchasing iPod may be interested in reading articles and checking out the addresses and phone numbers of Apple’s official dealers. For those who already enjoy the player a collection of official and third-party software, audio and video podcasts may come handy.

Graphic stretch link of two menu items has been deployed at the website for the first time

There’s a forum on the website to let everyone have their say.

Release date: February 02 2006


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