Iron Logic time clock terminal

Task: to design a device for controlling employees or students.

Offices often lack a system that would help secretaries to tell someone over the phone whether Vasily Leonidovich is at his desk or at an important meeting or maybe even has gone home for the day. Also, some companies are very careful to ensure that employees show up on time, don’t leave early and don’t go out for a smoke every half an hour. Parents and teachers need to know if a student stayed in school for example for detention or ran off home (or decided to skip a couple of classes and have a smoke behind the building). For punctual employers and educational institutions with strict discipline we developed Iron Logic time clock terminals.

ironlogic hand

Each employee or student are issued a special card or electronic key with which they need to tap the terminal to clock in and out. The device records the time and also takes a picture of the person in case someone decides to use someone else’s key. All data is immediately transfered via the Internet to the interested parties or stored on the built-in memory card.

ironlogic two

The screen of the device shows the current time. The display is cleverly masked with dark matte plastic so it appears that the digits are glowing through the surface.

The terminal can be attached to a wall or placed on any horizontal surface.

ironlogic final

artistic director

art director

Made in 50 days
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