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Iskusstvus 2.0

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to produce the second version of the interior decoration kit.

Iskusstvus 2.0 is the second version of the most intellectual decorative kit in the world. String, nails and special templates are used to create simplified versions of world-famous art to decorate walls, rooms and interiors.

The string Mona Lisa’s smile is no less mysterious

The second version of the kit contains five more masterpieces.

The Girl with Peaches
by Valentin Serov
The Climax
by Aubrey Beardsley
Mona Lisa
by Leonardo da Vinci
The Birth of Venus
by Sandro Botticelli
Ivan Tsarevich Riding a Grey Wolf
by Viktor Vasnetsov

The kit includes an A0 sheet, layouts, string and nails. All you need is a hammer!

isskustvus2 things

The art can be easily transferred onto walls: all you need to do is attach the sheet with a layout to the wall using tape or pins, hammer the nails into the marked dots, connect them in order and then carefully remove the paper.

Sophisticated beauty!

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