Istok website

Task: to showcase a wide range of construction materials and services.

Istok is a large seller of building materials based in Sochi where it has its own metal depot. The number of online orders is increasing every day, which is why a website that meets all the challenges of the industry and the needs of online customers was developed in the studio.

The studio’s research laboratory thoroughly studied the market, the target audience, the competition and the company itself. All conclusions and recommendations about how the company and its online store should develop were compiled into a document that became the basis of the effective and easy to use website.

The intuitive catalog and flexible search and comparison tools help with making a selection.

istok catalog

Using convenient cards, the Istok website gives users all the information about products they might need, as well as the opportunity to almost touch them before making a purchase.

The company offers a comprehensive package:
accompanying services are offered along with the product.

istok trubogib

A special section shows deals in greater detail, making sure customers can’t miss them.

istok sale

The website helps the person who decided to make repairs or build a house to avoid unnecessary headaches and the company itself to start a new phase in its business life.

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