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    Itogi.Ru is an online version of Itogi magazine, one of the most influencial among Russian weekly publications. The site contains additional sections not available in regular Itogi issues.

    Its design uses traditional Itogi colors.

    Checked are all the articles added during the previous 24 hours

    We applied a new text standard—every time we could use text in place of graphics (for example, in section headings) we did. As a result, the pages load faster and look better. Stretchable tables is the next step in our developing news web building.

    Fresh articles and news items are marked, which makes convenient frequent visits to the site.

    Itogi.Ru is similar Newsweek.com to the same extent as Itogi magazine resembles Newsweek paper version.

    Release date: March 22 2000


    art director & designer

    Itogi magazine

    design consultant
    website concept

    Only legal software was used in this project

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