The making of the iVoska bag

• Process

After Emirates demanded a large payment for taking a computer in a box as luggage, one of the studio’s designers realized that traveling the planet and rapidly changing countries of inspiration with a proper workstation is almost impossible: a laptop isn’t always enough, and taking a computer in a large box means you always have to rely on taxis. The bag was developed in a couple of days prior to departing Bali.

The question is, how not to pay for the transportation of a large box and instead take an iMac as carry-on luggage?

Designer: I have created something I needed and now I want others to be able to travel with their computers, too.

Giving a sample to the modeler for elaborating. Getting back several design options, including one which allows to change bag dimensions depending on iMac screen size. The modeler also suggests various additional elements.

Going with the second design. Discussing fabrics.

The modeler creates an experimental prototype. Testing the bag, adjusting strap length, correcting templates.

Choosing the core fabric. Deciding to go with denim.

Thinking about the straps. Trying a fleece liner. Creating a prototype.

Art director: The liner is not OK, let’s try some other pattern.

Manager: OK. Here are the options.

Art director: Nope. Let’s try a different material then.

Looking at fabrics and colors. The art director chooses a light Dewspo.

Manager: I suggest we use several strap types. Let’s make all bags different.

Art director: OK.

Manager: How about we add our corporate label?

Art director: Yep, sure, put it on the right strap.

Looking for a plain red rope for packaging.

The art director chooses the round one.

Starting to work on the packaging.

Designer: Should I go with an iMac-shaped label or a simple one?

Art director: Let’s make it in the shape of the computer.

Designer: Should we stitch it?

Art director: Sure. Just make sure someone is carrying that bag.

Designer: Done.

Art director: What’s with those boots and pants?

Designer: Here, a bit more elegant.

Art director: Let’s make them walk. The oval handle looks like a jigsaw.

Designer: Here, walking.

Art director: Add a girl on the other side and make the legs longer.

Designer: Done.

Everything is approved, starting production.

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