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  • Incidental Architect. The 5% Ready Book by Maxim Degtyarev

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    arhitektor cover2

    to create a coloring book for children and adults.

    The Incidental Architect coloring book is made of two parts. The first one contains twenty-three houses for coloring giving readers a chance to try themselves as interior designers and painters.

    arhitektor zapchasti

    House made of spare parts

    arhitektor pod vodoy

    Underwater house

    arhitektor bez kryshy

    House with no roof or walls

    The second part of the book invites readers to become architects by completing six unfinished houses.

    arhitektor bez granic

    House of unlimited possibilities

    The engaging book is intended for children and adults interested in architecture, construction and design.

    arhitektor final2

    art director


    • Maxim Degtyarev

    chief typesetter


    project manager

    • Made in Russia
    • Hardcover
    • 68 pages
    • Dimensions: 220×290 mm (8,7″×11,4″)
    • ISBN 978-5-98062-093-6