What Dads Are Afraid Of by Tatyana Devaeva and Elena Novoselova

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Task: to publish a children's book.

When a child comes into their life, any parent gets an excellent opportunity to become a writer. He or she doesn’t need to go on a round-the-world voyage, live with the pygmies, observe the animals or otherwise work hard to find worthy themes. The source of adventures and stories is always nearby.

The girl Katya lives her child’s life in which things, words and actions look completely different than in the eyes of adults. And her mom gladly collects funny misunderstandings and turns them into small stories that parents love to share with each other. A mustache, a blimp, dad’s fears and toothpaste become a source of unexpected joys and sorrows in the life of mom and daughter.

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“Katya, do you know who the most cowardly creatures in the world are?” Mom once asked.
“Mice,” Katya replied.
“Not even close,” Mom disagreed. “It’s all fantasies from fairy tales. The most cowardly creatures are dads.”
“But dads are strong!”
“So what? Think about it. Even the strongest dads are afraid of things that won’t frighten any mom or little girl. Even the smallest one. Who, by the way, runs to her mom when she sees skeletons in her closet. For example, dads are afraid when they have to put on cream to make themselves look prettier.”
Katya laughed.
“And when I once painted my nails with your nail polish once, dad said: `That’s scary!`”
“There you go.”
“What else are they afraid of?”
“I have to think. Let’s make a book about it.”


BIG BUK OF DADYS FIARS, Katya wrote on the first page of the book and drew a skull and bones, just like on those mysterious booths that store electricity.


From the story "What Dads Are Afraid Of"

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  • Hardcover
  • 80 pages
  • Dimensions 210×210 mm (8,3″×8,3″)
  • Press run: 1500
  • ISBN 978-5-98062-094-3
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