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    The making of Cinematografica 2 interactive book

    Overview   Process  

    Illustrator: Here are the illustrations.

    Art director: I love them all, but don’t understand the central one—is it a knot? Maybe put the clockwork on a dark background? The white one makes the outline blurry. The Beatles need a crossing. Bender and windmills don’t get a pass.

    Illustrator: I added another illustration to replace the one with the moonwalk—it was illegible. The Beatles now have their crossing. Maybe I’ll make more changes...

    Laying out the finished illustrations. Turns out there’s one picture too many. We have no choice but to get rid of it..

    Working on the cover.

    Art director: Make the cover white. And put the number next to the English name.

    Sending the book to print.

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