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  • The making of “Design: Form and Chaos” book by Paul Rand

    Overview   Process  

    Working on the design of this book was easy and pleasant—the original design, made by the author of the book, contained all the necessary solutions and methods. The main task was to follow the work of the master and try not to mess anything up.

    Studying the grid of the original edition. Borrowing the asymmetrical type page, the ragged right edge, the layout of the notes and captions.

    The main difficulty is to redo the book from the original 3:4 page format to studio’s more narrow 2:3, which is also smaller than the original. We try do it so that the images don’t become drastically smaller.

    Spread in the original edition:

    Same spread in the studio edition:

    Another difficulty are the illustrations. All the pictures are complex and different in their structure. In addition, the book is printed in six colors, same as the original. We think over the scanning, color separation and preparation of each illustration for print individually.

    Color proofing.

    Working on the dust jacket, the author’s slightly modified version.

    Deciding to go with the studio-style jackets.

    Choosing the color and brand of the bookbinding cloth.

    Using a simple sketch we let the print shop staff know that the stamping on the spine is done with paint, while on the sides—without. Also showing the shape of the flaps.

    Sending to press.

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