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    Task: to republish an academic translation of Dürer’s Treatises.

    The book presents excerpts from the vast theoretical works of Albrecht Dürer, great German artist and scientist. The present volume is based on three original printed Treatises and additional notes made by the author that talk—among other things—on painting, proportions, the science of measurement and geometric construction, as well as on city fortification engineering.

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    The book in its dust jacket

    The original Dürer’s works are quiet extensive, highly specialized and are rich in repetition. It was our goal to compose a book which would give you a good idea of Dürer’s view on art, as well as the original work structure, lingo, and the full range of questions addressed.

    Text is in accordance with the 1957 academic edition.

    Release date: October 21 2011


    art director
    Artemy Lebedev
    Iskander Mukhamadeev
    Katerina Andreeva
    Elena Migalina
    project managers
    Aleksey Strelnikov
    Svetlana Kalinnikova
    Albrekht Dyurer

    Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was a  great German painter, engraver, and one of the founders of the Realistic Arts theory in Western Europe. Besides outstanding master paintings, Dürer’s work includes a body of theoretical writings, where the artist shares his aesthetic views and gives practical advises: Treatise on Measurement (1525), Treatise on City Fortification (1527), and Four Books on Proportions (1528). There’s also an unfinished manuscript “The Book on Painting” and other notes and essays. These pieces showing the author’s vast circle of interest in many different fields, present Dürer as one of the most prominent artists of the Renaissance and are an inseparable part of his legacy. Without his theoretical writings, Dürer’s work can’t be properly appreciated.

    Ts. G. Nesselshtraus
    The studio wants to thank Olga Davidovna Podrazhanskaya and Murat Timurovitch Valiyev for their contribution to this project

    268 pages
    Number of copies: 3000
    Format: 225×150×25 mm (8.9"×6"×1")
    ISBN 978-5-98062-052-3

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