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    Calligraphy for Everyone by Leonid Pronenko

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    Task: to expand and republish the book on calligraphy.

    Calligraphy for Everyone is about the art of handwriting. The author introduces the readers to a brief history of calligraphy and type culture in an effort to evoke deep interest in the art. The edition is lavishly illustrated by accomplished artists from numerous countries contributing both their well-known and previously unpublished works. The book is sure to appeal to newcomers and type masters alike.

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    According to Hermann Zapf, calligraphy is the most intimate, personal, spontaneous form of expression. Like a finger print or voice it is unique for each individual.


    Beautiful, clear, and legible writing is an inseparable sign of high communication culture. Even during casual conversations we are trying to talk if not artfully, at least clearly, with appropriate speed, without skipping words and sounds. The following quote from Alfred Fairbank is widely used and is so good that we bring it up again: “People tend to speak not merely clear, but also with a sophisticated and fine grace. And this is exactly how one should write: the writing should be beautiful. In other words, treat writing as an art.”»

    From the chapter Calligraphy in Everyday Life

    The book is intended for a wide audience, primarily for artists, designers, illustrators and type professionals.

    Release date: May 05 2011


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    Leonid Ivanovich Pronenko is a calligrapher and an Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation. He lives and works in Krasnodar, Russia. In 1970 Pronenko received an art-graphic degree from Kuban State University, where he currently holds a teaching position. In 2003 Leonid Pronenko was awarded the title of professor.

    Typeface: Klementina

    320 pages
    Number of copies: 3000
    Format: 194×290 mm (7.7"×11.5")
    ISBN 978-5-98062-050-9

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