“Ptolemy’s Map. A Documentary Film Maker’s Sketches” by Herz Frank

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Herz Frank is a famous Latvian documentary film maker. In 1975 he wrote a book exploring figurative style in documentaries. The author describes his own and his colleagues’ personal experiences providing the photographs he made himself. “The Sketches” are aimed at a wide audience—professional film makers, amateurs and all documentary and photography lovers.

Dust jacket featuring shots from Herz Frank’s short film “Ten Minutes Older” that has become a classic

Release date: September 16 2008


art director
production manager

Herz Frank (1926–2013)—Latvian and Izraeli documentary film maker—was born in Ludza, Latvia. In 1947, he graduated military school and finished his course at the Sverdlovsk subdivision of the National Correspondence Law Institute. He served as an officer in the Zabaikalye military district, worked as a journalist and photographer in Vladimir and Riga. Since 1959, he was working as a scriptwriter and director at the Riga Film Studio. Since 1993, he lived in Izrael and Latvia and was giving lectures on film making all around the world.

392 pages
Number of copies: 3000
Format: 145×217 mm (6.1"×8.7")
Hard cover
ISBN 978-5-98062-017-2

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