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    The making of Cat X by Oleg Tischenkov

    Overview   Process  

    When e-mailing the author about reprinting the first two Cat-books the manager suddenly learns about the new one: “...and the new book that I’ve almost finished—let’s start with it. It will be called Cat X. Naming it Cat 3 doesn’t seem like a good idea in the first place, but the more important thing is that in 2013 it will be ten years since I drew the first cat-cartoon. So it’ll be like OS X.”

    The author finishes the last chapters in Cuba.

    kot x process 1

    The new character lies for portrait.

    kot x process 2

    Being informed about the upcoming book in advance we choose the book pages color and consult the author.

    kot x process 3

    Making a color proof, checking whether it works well with two other Cat-books.

    kot x process 4

    Putting together the files sent by the author, proofreading. The author makes changes and sends out the updates files and a new flyleaf.

    Designing the cover. Checking how the spine of the new book will look next to the old ones.

    kot x process 5

    Choosing the color of the cover.

    kot x process 6

    Order a design...