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Cat 2 by Oleg Tischenkov

Task: to publish the second comic book about the cat.

Since the first Cat collection of stories was published, Oleg Tischenkov has created 121 more, enough to make another thick book about the artist and his cat.

kot 2 cover
Book cover with silkscreen illustration

Release date: February 09 2010


art director
production manager

Oleg Tischenkov has worked at Art. Lebedev Studio since 2000.

Readers often try to see the author’s personality reflected in his books. But with Oleg’s stories one can never be sure which of the two characters—the cat or his owner—represents the artist himself.

256 pages
Number of copies: 2000
Format: 145×215,5 mm (5.7"×8.6")
Hard cover
ISBN 978-5-98062-023-3

kot 2 spread 5
In place of a foreword

kot 2 spread 165
On jumping abilities

kot 2 spread 85
Complete the cartoon

kot 2 spread 211
On milk scum

kot 2 spread 251
On matters of time

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