The Little Red Horse by Irina Troitskaya

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Task: to publish a children’s book.

The book tells the story about a little red horse who worked at the subway, transporting passengers across town. One day she became sad and her color slowly began to fade. She would probably lose her color completely, had she not met a boy who always dreamed about having a real horse. This book is about the importance of making someone happy and sharing the joyful moments together.

krasnaya loshadka cover
Book cover

Some parts of the book include tracing paper inserts—flipping through which makes the illustrations come to life.

I want to be yours

The Little Red Horse (In Russian)

Online price:  5.50  $
  ≈ 5  €
  ≈ 349  руб.

Release date: September 03 2013


art director
chief typesetter
production manager
author & illustrator

24 pages
Number of copies: 3000
Format: 160×210 mm (6.3″×8.3″)
ISBN 978-5-98062-065-3

krasnaya loshadka title
The little horse jumps from page to page

The book is written for preschoolers and is intended to be read by adults.

krasnaya loshadka work
Pages 12–13

krasnaya loshadka color
Pages 16–17

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