A Concise Account of Typography by Petr Kolomnin

Problem. Republish a 1899 book.

This book published in the late 19th century today still remains the only original substantial Russian work on typesetting, page layout and typography. Until the middle of the 20th century most of the Soviet publications on the subject used extracts and illustration from Kolomnin’s monograph.

Jacketed hardcover rounded-back edition

Nothing is known about the author, not even his appearance—it is Guttenberg’s portrait that’s on the dust jacket. Although the book deals mainly with manual typesetting, it can prove most informative and useful reference to any modern designer, type designer, printer or editor.

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A Concise Account of Typography (In Russian)

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Release date: April 21 2008


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656 pages
Number of copies: 3000
Format: 154×220 mm (6.1"×8.7")
Hard cover
ISBN 978-5-98062-015-8

Pages 140–141. General facts on typesetting

Pages 188–189. Correcting the proofs

Pages 232–233. Section. Number. Cross

Pages 352–353. Initials

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