The Making of Ryaba the Hen by Mikhail Buster

Overview   Process  

Getting acquainted with tattoo culture and looking for lettering examples.

kurochka ryaba process 01
kurochka ryaba process 02

After the first batch of inscription drafts, we get a comment from the artist saying it's not the right style. Turns out, there is a style of traditional American tattoo which adheres to certain subjects and manner of drawing pictures and text.

Tracing everything in vector format.

kurochka ryaba process 03

Superimposing them on the drawings.

Sending the finished work to the author, and receiving his reply, saying that he redid all the drawings in raster format instead of vector. The text frames changed as well. We have to redo all the inscriptions—in raster—so that they look less accurate and more vivid.

While at the same time working on the cover.

kurochka ryaba process 05
kurochka ryaba process 06
kurochka ryaba process 07

We're not forgetting about the endpapers. We get an idea to print them on tracing paper. Searching for the right color.

kurochka ryaba process 08
kurochka ryaba process 09

Selecting paper grade for the text block and cover, preparing files and sending them to the press.

Order a design...