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    The Making of Mom’s Hurrying Home by Svetlana Dorosheva

    Overview   Process  

    We decided to republish the book in hardcover this time, and include a board game for good measure.

    The illustrations and texts in the book did not change, which greatly facilitates the work. Updating the typeface to the new Artemius, while at the same time inserting a lost sentence in one of the paragraphs.

    Finalizing the final strip in such a way as to avoid empty lines. For this purpose, we ask the illustrator to do additional work on the spread.

    mama speshit domoy process 01

    Translating the game text from Ukrainian to Russian. Adding all the necessary logos. Finding out that we not only have to translate the text inside the speech bubbles, but also the inscriptions on buildings within the illustrations. Asking the type designer to make something similar-looking, but in Russian.

    mama speshit domoy process 02

    Working on the cover. Contemplating on how to mark the second edition, and indicate to the potential reader that there is a wonderful game inside. Sending draft solution to the illustrator—he finished up the missing details. After the illustrator, we moved the objects slightly, and redid the text with help from the type designer.

    mama speshit domoy process 03

    Confirming with the art director and sending it to print.

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