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Muchavka and the Giant book for iPad

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Task: to prepare an interactive iPad version of the printed book.

Result: during the first week since its publication in App Store, Muchavka and the Giant are among ten most downloaded pay-for apps.

In the iPad app the characters from Oksana Grivina’s Muchavka and the Giant come to a whole new level: they talk, bounce, swim, fly, blow pipes, beat on drums, and busy themselves with all kinds of other exciting activities.

Each page hides a secret for you to discover. You’ll need to think up a different approach each time, as it only works once, try to tap on screen, turn your iPad, shake it—don’t be a wimp!

muchavka and the giant lion
In a circus

We’ve stuffed the book with a wide assortment of teasing little surprises, it’s practically impossible to find them all at once.

muchavka i velikan list
The table of contents

This app is multilingual: the characters converse in English, French, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and German.

Release date: July 04 2011


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author and illustrator
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