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    The making of The Pinball Effect by James Burke

    Overview   Process  

    Purchasing the rights to translate into Russian and publish The Pinball Effect and sending Tema’s personal copy to a translator. Upon receiving the translation, forwarding it to a scientific editor for a check-up. Finding out that the author took some liberties with a number of historical facts, but sticking to our decision to publish the book due to the value of its core content. After getting through scientific and literary editing, the book heads to the typesetters.

    Thinking of different ways to position reference links for “timeline gateways.”

    Art director offers to do it this way:

    Deciding to stick to a different method.

    Expanding the leading.

    The original:

    Our layout:

    Setting the titles style.

    Moving on to a dust jacket, first round.

    Getting back to pinball by drawing a 3D model first.

    Art director: Not good. Simplify.

    Searching for the right style.

    Designer: Like this? It looks like a battle scheme.

    Art director: Bring the color back.

    Picking facts and events from the book and completing the dust jacket.

    Brainstorming the endpapers design.

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