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    Second edition of The Secret Knowledge of Commercial Illustrators by Yana Frank

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    Task: to publish second edition of Yana Frank’s book.

    In this book Yana tells how to become a commercial illustrator and reveals many subtle details of her work. She explains where to begin and what to aim for, how to make a portfolio, where to find clients and how to work with them, and elaborates on small images and large projects sharing handy techniques and step-by-step instructions for creating high-quality artworks.

    Second edition’s got a brand new layout.

    tainye znania illustratorov 2011 cover
    Dust jacketed

    Yana points out non-obvious obstacles down a professional illustrator’s path and teaches ways to overcome them.

    The book is meant for those who consider or have already started making a living as an illustrator.

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    The Secret Knowledge of Commercial Illustrators (In Russian) e-book

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    Release date: September 28 2011


    art director
    production manager

    Yana Frank (more widely known as Miu Mau), an artist, illustrator, designer, author of Diary of a Maniac Designer and All the Curious Know That..., abandoned her career as an art director in 2003 and focused on illustration and art. Since then she has been creating artworks for many slick magazines, advertising leaflets and posters, and writing books exploring the creative process with its inherent difficulties, pecularities and techniques.

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    Pages 26–27

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    Pages 112–113

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    Pages 118–119

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