The making of the Jandi pet food logo

Overview• Process

Client: I am the owner of a Kazakhstan startup named Jandi. Jandi is a factory producing food for dogs and cats. My wife and I first had the idea for the factory after the Kazakh devaluation of 2015. We own four dogs and a cat and purchasing imported pet food became too expensive. In 2016 I received a small grant from the government to implement my business plan. The business plan was designed for a small factory that would take up 50 square meters and produce 200–300 kilograms of food per day. After receiving the grant I decided to try to get additional funding. I found investors and sold my car. As a result, this March I received equipment from China capable of producing 300–350 kilograms of food every hour. I also leased a 500 square meter production area. Right now in cooperation with the Kazakhstan Institute of Nutrition we are developing formulas for four types of food for cats and dogs. We will be offering products in both premium and economy segments of the market. I expect to start producing in May. I’ve quickly created a logo and packaging design and we’ve printed a small batch of packaging. We’re running out of money but I’m sure I’ll find some for Express Design. While we’re waiting, here are our pages on Facebook and Instagram. and

Making first sketches.

jandi process 1

Trying to replace the heart with a paw and turn it into a nice symbol.

jandi process 2
jandi process 3
jandi process 4

Choosing a design and adjusting the ears so they look both like a cat’s and a dog’s and the sign doesn’t look like a snail.

jandi process 5

Finalizing and trying on various media.

jandi process 6