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to design a cute logo.

Jesstaurant restaurant with a large play zone for children is getting ready to open its doors in Odintsovsky District.

The restaurant was sentimentally named in honor of the owner’ daughter, the expected guests are couples with children and the average check is high.

The owners asked for a logo that would be “cute, but at the same time decently expensive.”

Sensitivity to cuteness is one of the most frightening manifestations of human nature. Say, a person was walking to work, glum as hell: grief on his face, despair in his eyes, arms dangling lifelessly. He sees a cat and suddenly he’s all smiling. He keeps on walking, whistling a tune and irritating normal people.

What should our society expect from such a man? Absolutely no predictability about this person.

jesstaurant docs

Remembering all cute images known to man and surgically adding them to the logo. Dancing letters, cheerful colors, a smiley face!

“What about the decent expensiveness?” a viewer would sternly ask.

“What about the crown?” we would reproachfully respond.

Cuteness time!

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