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Jetlima is an international jetsharing marketplace where owners of private jets and passengers meet. We created a customized interface for each of these groups, allowing them to upload information about planes, put seats up for sales and book flights as easy as possible. The search and purchase tools are minimalist and intuitive.

jetlima list

Sellers upload detailed cabin layouts of available planes to the website. Since each interior is unique, the website provides a special constructor. Once the seller specifies the seating and furniture arrangement, buyers will see a complete diagram when choosing a seat.

The visual language of the service is understated and memorable, which is achieved with the help of elegant 3D illustrations and clear pictograms.

jetlima icons

The sections that sellers work with on a daily basis have a minimum of graphics. Here, the service becomes a true professional tool. The calendar makes it easy to manage flight schedules, create requests and block slots for maintenance. The interface of the calendar with its dense layout and no visual noise is fully aligned with the users’ workflow.

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jetlima final

Made in 101 days
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