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Recognizing the importance of labor and productive employment, referencing the existing international standards on employment and protection against unemployment (the 1934 Unemployment Provision Convention and Recommendation, the 1935 Unemployment (Young Persons) Recommendation, the 1944 Income Security Recommendation), Art. Lebedev Studio created the service. The website helps people professionally connected with Internet find interesting work and qualified employees.

Website’s design is characterized by strict self-sufficiency

The carefully designed job index and a smart search system allow to headhunt employees and employers in real time. Each profession comes with a detailed description and an illustration by the cult Primitivist artist Alexey Soloviev.

Job openings for diligent programmers, responsible system administrators, talented designers, motivated Internet project managers, expert editors and other builders of today’s Internet are regularly published on the website.

The website also provides a round the clock subscription service that will send all openings for a chosen profession directly to your inbox.

The website is optimized for use by professional workaholics and managers working with high-tech professionals.


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technical designer
Art. Lebedev Studio technologies:
  • Imprimatur
  • Boltology Forum
  • Parser
  • Only legal software was used in this project

    Website operated under Linux using Apache

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