• Kaluga
  • The making of the renovation of Stepan Razin Street in Kaluga

    Overview• Process

    Looking at the space. The Victory monument is towering in the north, a tall stele dominating over the surrounding area.

    Any bold, expressive ideas would be out of place in this part of the street. The south end of the boulevard however is located far enough from the monument and also at an intersection of two streets. It’s a great location for a bright catchy structure marking the entrance to the newly renovated territory.

    Starting to sketch.

    The main problem is that the boulevard is very narrow and thus very straight. Coming up with ways to make the path more interesting and working on functional zoning.

    Street furniture will help maintain the balance between diversity and stylistic coherence. Sketching.


    More sketching.

    More visualizing.

    Working out the concept and preparing all the documentation necessary for its implementation.