Knopkus universal remote

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Task: to create a casing for a universal TV silencer.

Knopkus universal remote allows you to remotely turn off any television set within 45 meters (150 feet) and cut off that distracting flood of useless information.

knopkus in air
The case of Knopkus is made of smooth soft rubber

The remote can be used at home, in cafés, bars, electronics stores and other places where people are haunted by intrusive and irritating TV screens.

It’s hard to say what would feel better, to discretely turn off a TV at a friend’s house or to shut off that huge plasma screen in a storefront window.

Release date: November 21 2014


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art director
industrial designers
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Produced in partnership with LeFutur
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knopkus tv
A gadget for sore eyes

The remote can be attached to a keychain and is powered by two CR2032 batteries.

knopkus two

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