Kolgotkus tights

Task: to design spectacular tights.

Women’s tights with great names such as Saturn Rings, Rays and Fabula were designed in the studio. The accessory liberates and allows you to let loose your inner fashionista, Amazon queen and princess.

The tights are only 20 denier so they can be barely felt under leggings in the wild cold: you’ll be sure to arrive to the party beautiful. The product is almost indestructible: the illustration is durable and thanks to heat treatment the pattern doesn’t deform during washing and looks great on the leg.

kolgotkus 01

The integration of Nikolay Ironov’s visual improvisations into designer prints adds surprise and rock ’n’ roll. Especially pleasing is the craft Fabula typeface: the letters and numbers endlessly interact and combine to form individual messages.

The abstract graphics create a unique look making it easy to change your style several times a day without having to get a tattoo.

kolgotkus 02

kolgotkus 03

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