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    Theme facade designs for Kompot chain cafés

    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Design bakery, grocery and school theme facades.


    kompot 01bakery

    False raincaps made of bars can be covered with plastic, if needed. In the window, there are jars with various grains.

    Kompot’s recognizable jar on the entrance doors is designed to look like a breadboard.

    kompot 02bakery door
    The name is written with flour, the handles are rolling pins

    The pattern for decorating windows includes many baking utensils and bakery products.

    kompot 04bakery patt
    kompot 06bakery


    kompot 11gastro

    The awnings are supported by a large frame of black metal with forged details that rests on the portal and pole lights. The entrance portal has glass windows with food goods on display. On the top, there is a balcony accessed from the second floor hall.

    The doors are done in metal and stainless steel.

    kompot 12gastro door
    The jar represents a balance weight, the handle imitates a graduated weighing scale
    kompot 14gastro patt
    Grocery store pattern

    We created a more traditional design as well.

    kompot 16gastro

    Here, Kompot’s brand jar on the door is the jar itself—it has back and front labes and an endless shelf life.

    kompot 17gastro door


    kompot 21school

    School café’s exterior design is exaggeratedly prop-like. Hanging on the ceiling bar, there are picture frames, flowerpots and busts of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

    Inside, there is a round shelter rhyming with the design of the entrance. The balustrade above is shaped like a jar mouth. Plaster coats of arms and the red glass plate decorate the outside.

    kompot 22school door
    Classic Russian school door covered with wood planks
    kompot 24school patt
    School pattern
    kompot 26school
    Alternative facade design with smaller windows

    Each café has its own theme bracket, illuminated or just metal.

    kompot 03bakery kron
    kompot 13gastro kron
    kompot 23school kron

    We also designed a special sign indicating the current hour along with opening and closing times.

    kompot open

    Release date: April 26 2007


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