• Graphic design
  • Kontur
  • Making of the Kontur corporate identity package

    Overview   Process  

    Kontur means outline in Russian, so we started by drawing various outlines.

    kontur 1

    We then chose between two kind of arrows and lost the abbreviation in the name, leaving just Kontur.

    kontur 21

    Working on type and setting the right direction.

    kontur 22

    Slides from the very first presentation that captured the client’s heart.

    kontur 3

    Designing business cards.

    kontur 53
    kontur 64
    kontur 75
    kontur 86

    Embellishing envelopes.

    kontur 97

    Cutting CD sleeves in search of the perfect shape.

    kontur a9

    Trying out the design for gifts and neat corporate stuff.

    kontur 4

    Order a design...