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    Kortes is the first server that belong to a consulting company operating in the Russian oil industry. If your company need any information about the market, Kortes is ready to provide it in the most convenient and simple way.

    It is unsophisticated and functional, yet not dull—move the mouse over the 3D icons to see them color

    Kortes offers various information products, such as price and info bulletins, analytic materials, reference books, dictionaries, digests, software and databases. You can subscribe to any of this online by selecting the product and sending a request.

    Sections menu on the main page clearly represents the site’s overall structure. Visitors can also use built-in Yandex.Site search engine to find whatever they are looking for.

    Release date: October 28 1999


    art director & designer
    Artemy Lebedev
    3D designer
    Aleksandr Komov
    technical designer
    Yury Matrosovich
    Konstantin Morshnev
    Aleksandr Petrosyan
    Lyuba Chernaya
    Olga Kulikova
    Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technology

    Typeface: Textbook

    Only legal software was used in this project

    Website operated under Linux using Apache

    When we decided to have ourselves a website, we there was a difficulty connected with peculiarity of our products, which is pure information. We were surprised to learn that most of the designers in Russia didn’t possess skills in working with statistics organized in tables, diagrams and summaries. Perhaps, Kortes was too demanding, but the company had to keep up with the high standards in the industry...

    We turned to the Studio and were glad to find professionals able to solve our problems. Kortes site needed to be highly legible and contain sufficient company information and complete product descriptions, and that was just what we were offered»

    P. V. Makhlin
    Marketing Director

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