Velkopopovický Kozel beer website

Velkopopovický Kozel is a Czech beer brewed in Kaluga, a Russian city. Website visitors can learn about real and fantastic stories about the beer, find recipes of the Czech balls and the beer soup, browse beer labels and ads.

Main page

The website features a forum for people fond of talking, while those who like beer hangouts will find here a list of beer bars in Moscow and the Czech Republic where Velkopopovický Kozel is available.

The “beer belt” of the Czech Republic: Ostrava—Plzeň

About the time the studio started working on the website, the developers came up with the idea of an interactive theater performance with three puppets: the professor, the monk and the goat. But the law on advertising nixed the idea.

As a result, the website was made inanimate, while the puppets are sitting in grief on studio team members’ shelves

In the course of website development, 15 accounted for bottles of beer were consumed.


art director and designer
technical designers
puppet creator

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