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    Task: to design a logo and visual identity for a historical military museum.

    Kulikovo Polye is a military history museum and natural reserve. It organizes historical and archaeological searches; studies and preserves the legacy of The Battle of Kulikovo—one of the most prominent events in Russia’s history. The studio developed a logo and visual identity for the museum.

    kulikovo pole logo main
    The main logo

    The flying curved arrow symbolizes the sun rising over the horizon on the day of the battle, the victory of Russian soldiers in the historically significant battle, and the courage of the museum as a modern organization optimistic about the future. Many versions of the logo were created for a variety of uses.

    Release date: August 09 2013


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    project managers
    Lebedev studio would like to express gratitude to the director of the museum Vladimir Gritsenko, and the head of exposition department Maria Vorontsova for their assistance on the project, their patience, and understanding
    kulikovo pole logo options
    Formal version used in official documents and holiday version for special occasions

    kulikovo pole logo bg
    White version to be used on color backgrounds

    kulikovo pole logo simple
    Simplified logos for small format applications

    The brand book covers all versions of the logo and their possible applications, and provides examples of the most suitable fonts and colors.

    kulikovo pole bb 01
    kulikovo pole bb 02
    kulikovo pole bb 03
    Visual identity guidelines

    Despite its historical angle, the arrow symbol allows for a number of modern interpretations.

    kulikovo pole things
    The history is being written
    kulikovo pole bag
    The history goes on

    kulikovo pole shirt
    The history comes alive

    kulikovo pole gold
    The history adorns you

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