Kulonus-1 8-bit audio visualizer

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to turn the audible into the visible.

Kulonus is a compact gadget worn around the neck and equipped with a microphone and a monochrome display that turns any sounds into 8-bit images.

Random conversations, wind, cats’ meowing, brakes’ squeals and fire alarms turn into pixels before your eyes

Kulonus is an unusual accessory and a source of admiration of others.

The audio visualizers come in boxes of incredible beauty

20 display modes to choose from.

Dimensions: 2,8×5,4 cm (1″×2,1″)
Screen: monochrome OLED
String length: 75 cm (2,5′)
Power: single CR2032 battery (enough for up to 24 hours of play time)

art director


  • Alexandr Zolotov

packaging designer



project manager

production managers