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    The making of the Kyivstar website 2.0

    Overview   Process  

    Creating an informative website for cross-selling of services.

    A landing page for all client groups (it is still unclear if we need it at all):

    For private customers:

    A plan page:

    The client asks for more interactivity and color. Painting the background, proposing a banner carousel, highlighting the key event. Approved.

    Trying out group pages.

    Drawing icons.

    Turns out we do need a landing page. Piling up ideas.


    The pages name themselves:

    Hidden content:

    No pictures at all:

    A view from above:


    The guys came over:

    And a simple banner, of course:

    Four banners:

    The client picks the latter option, developing.

    The option is approved, finalizing.

    We need to make this story more interesting. Back to generating ideas.

    Inventing the characters that would follow the mouse with their eyes.

    Yep, looks nice.

    Drawing the background.

    A working prototype (eyes follow the cursor):

    At this point the client tells us that he does not need a landing page and that the website should default to the private customers page.

    The client also asks to remake all the navigation.

    A Lorem Ipsum inner page.

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